Locandina Jianshe 2015Durante il seminario con il ;Maestro Jianshe approfondiremo lo studio e la pratica degli ultimi insegnamenti del Prof. Pang Ming!

意元体Yiyuanti – The truth of ourselves.

A Talk by Dr. Pang Ming

Recorded December 16, 2014


‘ENG’ (嗯): a musical note. In China, when one calls your name, we reply ‘eng’, this is similar to the English words ‘Yes’, ‘Yeah’ or ‘Aha’. ‘Eng’ is a neutral vocalization, it neither affirms nor denies. It is a response.

Gently chanting the sound ‘eng’ quietly in the heart causes Yiyuanti, the essence of oneself, to reveal itself in its quiet, pure manifestation. It can refine Yiyuanti into a sublime state because the sound of ‘eng’ calls and activates Yiyuanti via the sense of hearing.

When you pronounce ‘eng’ continuously and silently with complete dedication, then whether you are pronouncing it or not, the call continues. Then the state of ‘At-One Yiyuanti’ will appear. It is empty yet not empty; it is clear, fully knowing and one with all. It’s very clean, clear, pure and transparent. It reflects all existence and nonexistence like a mirror.

The function of Yiyuanti is our innate knowing of and ability to express goodness and kindness. Yiyuanti is everywhere and nowhere.

We use Yiyuanti all the time without noticing it.

We have Yiyuanti but we do not know it.

Yiyuanti does all.

Yiyuanti knows all

Yiyuanti answers to all.

Yiyuanti is our master, determining our life in every moment.

We are not aware of and do not feel Yiyuanti because of the paranoid distortions in our mind and emotions; we are asleep to our essential nature. So it appears hidden.

Pronounce silently the sound ‘eng’…Yiyuanti will sublimate (transform towards refinement) the reference framework, and manifest – “At-One Yiyuanti”.

This is a catalyst for knowing (gnosis), and the miraculous-seeming healing ability to manifest. This knowing and miraculous healing energy combine with our bodily – universal energy. It is called “Hun Yuan Ling Qi” which is spontaneous healing. This manifests the original, universal healing power of infinity.

It penetrates all things.

It contains all things.

There is no place it cannot reach.

It climbs all heights.

It is beyond objectification.

It creates all forms.

It transforms all energies.

It emanates all energies.

It separates all things.

It conquers all challenges.

It resolves all poisons.

It heals all diseases.

It satisfies all wishes.

It answers all questions.

It resolves all difficulties.

It solves all problems.

Yiyuanti has this seemingly miraculous effect because the body itself contains it and is contained by it, with clear knowing (gnosis) and innate ability. The human spirit is the Spirit of the Universe.

The human being is the spirit of universe. Yiyuanti is the culmination of the development of the universe. The highest peak and state in the universe. The Spirit of the universe and Yiyuanti communicate with and interpenetrate each other.

We are talking about heaven, earth, and the human being – the world of man. The Universe (Heaven) both includes and is inside all solar systems, galaxies, matter and all forms, blending forever with the Hun Yuan (original) qi.

Planet earth and everything existing upon it is a manifestation of the emanations of Hun Yuan Qi, the original essence of the universe. As human beings we can see that what we are is consciousness. My existence as a human being is the result of the physical manifestation of Hun Yuan Qi, the original essence of the universe:

Hun Yuan Qi of all the organs.

Hun Yuan Qi of all neurons and cells of the nervous system.

Hun Yuan Qi of Yiyuanti.

Its marrow is the original Spirit. It is the nucleus of the spiritual element in us. [Yiyuanti] manifests when the universal aim is transmitted to our world and its unfolding reaches the summit.

Until now…From the vastness the essence of our spirit sees beyond all external appearances and it blends with the original Hun Yuan Qi in our bodies.

The essence of the mind attains the summit of clarity. And with original Hun Yuan Qi it rises upward in a spiral. It can penetrate all layers of substance in the universe and restore them to their essence. Then we can be in harmony with our essential nature. Then only can we understand ourselves and our world.

Relaxing, merging, dissolving and knowing…Regardless of the level of space-time entirety. Where everything blends, interpenetrates and is compatible with everything else.

The difference is that human Yiyuanti can manifest will (initiative consciousness). It can merge and interact with all difference levels of Hun Yuan Qi in the universe. Yiyuanti also can manifest arbitrarily or selectively. Wherever Yiyuanti focuses its initiative, it connects you with that specific manifestation, and Yiyuanti will penetrate and strengthen that level of qi.

We should always observe and understand the state of Yiyuanti, thus everything presented will blend to the state of Hun Yuan Qi. Because Yiyuanti is compatible with everything everywhere. Yiyuanti is able to integrate with every level of Hun Yuan Qi in each part of our body. We can carefully observe this.

From Yiyuanti to the human body, from the human body to the earth, from the earth to the solar system, from the solar system to the galaxy, from the galaxy to the universe. Or we can go back from the universe to the galaxy, to the solar system, to the earth, to the human body.

Relate through the human body to our Yiyuanti. Repeat this process again and again to understand. Repeatedly intend this. Then our qi can blend into and merge with universal Hun Yuan Qi. Then we are in the miraculous universal qi. And then the miraculous universal qi is within our body. The miraculous universal qi is within our hearts.

When we talk about the entirety of the eight phrases:

The body follows the head

The heart-mind commands qi.

Heaven and earth follow human consciousness and the world is harmonious.

Relaxing, knowing, and blending into oneness.

Relaxation –integrating the body into the space-time universe.

Spirit is the miraculous role of Yiyuanti. Melting – Yiyuanti integrates the individual and universal oneness. Integrated into oneness with a larger Hun Yuan entirety. Therefore, we need to continuously practice opening ourselves and merge with the universe.
Allow Yiyuanti to integrate and combine the most refined substances from universal qi. It is a process of fusing to and integrating oneness.
The integration process is to open.
We are talking about setting free our spirit by relaxing, merging, and opening ourselves. Becoming transparent and fusing, it blends to form a Hun Yuan entirety. It is a relaxed, merged and integrated state.
Simple to access and observe, the state of “At One Yiyuanti” blends with the Hun Yuan entirety. We refer to this as a relaxation of the space-time entirety. When Yiyuanti is in this relaxed state, it is the entirety.
We invite the awareness of Yiyuanti when we say “eng”..
When we chant “song, ling, rong, tong” we are calling our spirit, and we end our call with “eng, eng, eng”. We can chant “song, ling, rong, hun,” and then “eng, eng, eng”
Pronounce “eng” in short tones. Especially when we are not aware of Yiyuanti in ourselves. The shorter pronunciation has a better effect.
When we are aware of Yiyuanti in ourselves, we can pronounce “eng, eng, eng, eng” with longer tones. We can repeat “eng” many times. From chanting out loud to meditation. Eventually chanting silently becomes meditating in the heart silently.
“eng, eng, eng, eng…”
Repeat “eng, eng, eng…” many times.

This is from Master Pang’s recorder. It is finished on 16th December 2014. Thanks. 2015/2/15


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